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We Need To Talk About Kevin

From the movie "We need to talk about Kevin". This film looked after I feel very uncomfortable, think of the plot of the film I always can not calm down. I was affected by the concept of "fault art", the image is broken, abnormal, and distorted, which means things have changed.
A lot of things will be "failure", far more than image failure, the machine often fails, for example, I created this picture. "Tablet" will fail, PS will. The trouble made me feel anxious, even fearful. These emotions if the control will be sick, become abnormal ... ... the surface of the placid does not explain its true heart is the same, and the human heart is difficult to ponder, its changes are difficult to detect, difficult to express. So I made a deal with the painting, that is, no failure to create one. I feel that is very beautiful, cool, very suitable for him.
Look, the picture is broken. Is deliberately caused by the author. Hey? Really?He wanted to express what? Why did he do that? We need to talk …

1993meng l
1993meng l

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