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It is the 30th anniversary of the Chinese government’s killing of students and civilians with tanks and machine guns on June 4, 1989. Therefore, at this time of the year, they are particularly vigilant, afraid that someone will mention the massacre in Beijing. Almost all foreign websites you can't access, because talking about it is a taboo... In short, there are very few people who know this in China. If you don't use a VPN. Or, even if a Chinese knows about the incident, he is very likely to just shrug and say: "This is the foreign media that is smearing the great Communist Party." People's minds have been completely manipulated by the government. Those who dare to question and challenge power, they either die in prison or are monitored by plainclothes police. Or flee abroad, and the rest can only shut up. like me.
So, my VPN will not be able to access any foreign websites from June 1st. Maybe it’s impossible to upload a work this month or even longer...