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So cute
  If you have seen my previous work, you should know that this is the face of Du Meixin in the painting "Red arowana". Considering the lovely culture of Japanese loli, this "head change" is not meaningless. I dressed her up again, her hair shining, brushing mascara, and innocent and exaggerated big eyes. However, on the whole, I still create a sense of discomfort in a dark atmosphere, like those twisted things, the dense spots on the surface (I painted for a long time), causing an illusion that they seem to be creeping. Evil, beautiful, weird, dangerous.
   Because recently, both domestic and foreign countries have published news about the cases of sexual abuse of underage girls by rich and powerful people. It’s shocking to hear that...the original conspiracy theories that were heard before are true, there are certain organizations under the glitz, Cults, many girls, boys are sexually abused, I don't know how many are not found, waiting to be rescued.